FAQs on NBAP Fibre Connectivity

  • Yes, a site office without an address can apply for fibre broadband services.


    There are provisions under the current Interconnection Offer for NetLink Trust to provide fibre connectivity services to buildings without addresses through Non-Building Address Points (NBAPs).

  • You may approach your preferred Retail Service Provider (RSP) for a NBAP connection. The RSP will then work with NetLink Trust to provide this service.



  • The service covers the:


    • Provisioning of fibre connectivity through the installation of the Termination Point (TP) at the site office;

    • Conducting site surveys as needed;

    • Laying of fibre and ducts; and

    • Activating the fibre to provide connectivity.


    To reduce the cost and time for the provisioning of services, you could lay the lead-in pipe from the TP to the site. NetLink Trust and the RSP will work together to provide the pipe from the nearest manhole, lay the fibre to the TP and activate the fibre connection.

  • Once an order has been placed with the RSP, NetLink Trust will conduct a site survey to ascertain the extent of installation work and cost involved. The RSP will advise you on the cost involved and you will need to indicate your acceptance within 20 business days.


    Should you choose not to proceed at this point, a cancellation charge will be imposed.

  • Upon acceptance of the cost advised by the RSP, the turnaround time to service activation is typically about 40 business days. This includes getting approval from the relevant authorities, trenching works, laying the pipe, as well as fibre and service activation.

  • The cost is heavily dependent on the digging and trenching works involved in bringing the fibre to the location of the TP location. Thus, the ballpark costs involved for NBAP subscriptions would differ for each case.