Scope and Process of Fibre Testing

  • NetLink Trust will provide fibre testing services to verify if there is any high loss reading in the in-building fibre. The scope of testing does not include certifying whether the material used by the building developer is in compliance with the prescribed specifications.

    NetLink Trust disclaims all liability as to the adequacy, workmanship and functionality of tested and certified Termination Points (TPs), which inadequacy and/or failure can be due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to vandalism, rodent bite or poor workmanship during installation. For the avoidance of doubt, the building developer shall be responsible for any failure of the installed fibre and TPs at all times, including during and after fibre testing by NetLink Trust and/or its appointed contractor.

  • Re-testing of the optic fibre is required, should the development fails the test for the Fibre Readiness Certification. You will need to conduct the necessary rectifications and re-submit a Fibre Readiness Certification request to NetLink Trust with all the necessary information and documents within 10 business days upon receiving the test result notification.


    Do note that re-testing of the Termination Points may be conducted randomly; different from those that were previously tested. You are liable to pay NetLink Trust all applicable charges regardless of the test results.

  • The timeframe for completion depends on the number of units in each development. A sample size from each development will be tested and this may take four weeks or longer.


    The sample size for the different premises type is based on:


    • For landed properties, 100% assuming one unit per landed property

    • For all other development, 30% of the total units in a single building/block


  • After successful completion of the testing, a digital copy of the Fibre Readiness Certificate will be sent to you at the indicated registered email address.