Safety and Maintenance

  • For your safety, all Termination Points and fibre optic cables should not be exposed to water, including dripping or splashing, and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should be placed on them.


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    Avoid folding, knotting or bending the fibre at hard angles. At least 12 inches of cable should be kept straight coming out of the illuminator before any large bends.


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    Avoid placing heavy objects on the fibre optic cable as this can damage the fibre optics encased within.


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    Keep fibre optic cables away from places where it may be rolled over or damaged.


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    To prevent injury, you are advised to refrain from looking directly into the fibre or the fibre port.


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    Avoid wiping down the Termination Point with abrasive material or solvents to prevent damaging it.


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    Do not paint over the Termination Point.