About Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network

  • The Next Gen NBN is the wired network in Singapore’s Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan. It is envisioned to provide open access and eventually ultra-high speed broadband access of more than 1Gbps to all physical addresses in Singapore, including homes, schools, businesses and hospitals.

    The Next Gen NBN is structured into three layers.


    next gen nbn 1The Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore has appointed NetLink Trust to lay the passive network infrastructure of the Next Gen NBN.


  • Consumers and businesses can look forward to more competitive prices, ultra-high access speeds, pervasive nationwide coverage and more innovative services.


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  • If you are a residential end-user, NetLink Trust will install the first Termination Point (TP) in your unit.


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    This is how a TP would look like.


    If you are a non-residential enduser, NetLink Trust will connect your premises to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room or Telecommunication Equipment Room (TER) nearest to you.


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