In 2015, Singapore’s average Internet connection speed ranked among the fastest in Asia Pacific. The country also retained our top position in the world with the highest average peak connection speed, according to Akamai Technologies.

Increasingly, all of us demand higher speeds for everything we do online.

Optical Fibre and communications at the speed of light

Optical Fibre network technology is being used to transmit large amounts of data and at high speeds from country to country, through undersea submarine cables. Optical Fibre cables are thin strands of glass, about the thickness of a strand of human hair, that permit the transmission of data using light over longer distances and at connection speeds of 1 Gbps and above.

NetLink Trust has been working to install optical fibre infrastructure as the foundation of the Next Gen NBN. With optical fibre, higher broadband speeds can be delivered more reliably and at a lower cost.

As Singapore continues to build its journey towards becoming a Smart Nation, this network will enable exciting new possibilities such as richer interactive online content, tele-presence, cloud computing and much more. Optical Fibre network technology addresses the growing needs of our future.